By Foundation of Prof. Dr. Andrik Purwasito, DEA


What is

Ndalem Poerwahadiningratan?

Ndalem Poerwahadiningratan is the name of   HOUSE OF CROSS-CULTURAL STUDIES, name is given from my Royal Name, Poerwahadiningrat.  Since one decade, this house as facilitate as to anypersons who share intellectual and cultural activities, but now use too for  Visual Art Studio and Small Gallery, named WONG KAMPOENG CONTEMPORARY.

Jokowi and Me

The Background

Ndalem Poerwahadiningratan is the place you can find  the intellectual activity, for whom seriously interested in history, art, communication, cross-culture and international relations.  We open to any person who try to explore and searching any different  things, came from the different background, but we united in common interest, “share of ideas and various experiences.”  The obyective is for inventory in sciences, productivity and gain quality of life

Why Ndalem Community?

Build since Octobre 2001,  persons of different culture, religion, race, ethnic and class comes into community  to share the world vision. There is no special organization and normally there are chairman and members, but here every person is responsable of himself.

The Facade of House of Cross-Cultural Studies (Photo take 2012

Cross-Cultural Studies

The main activity of this community is working in research on art and cross-cultural studies, using  inter-diciplinary research.

Address and Information: The House of Cross-Cutural Studies, Prof. Dr. Andrik Purwasito, DEA, Kampoeng Ngoro Tengah, Triyagan, Mojolaban,  City SUKOHARJO. Code Post:  57554,  Java Central. Phone : +62271 825794 and contact person : +6285647052375.  More information email :

AP Foundation

During class photography by Communication Department 2012

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